Worst frauds in USA

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Dear Laser. Is a great knew comes from you revealing such garbages influence existing inside corpus of SEC.

Even so, I would there in such circumstances suggest you submit in court also an civil action against the STATE because they respond. In other words, respond by any action committed in name of the state by any public agents that had the duty to act and however, be by omission or be by commissions taken thé cris know in to ignored this duty or used any code of silence between agents for act in favor of these criminals bankers and in disfavor of the assets of your company and you personally. 

Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital & Mattel, Inc. are soon to be indicted for criminal conspiracy to destroy Toys"R"Us

Its been 2 decades since #goldmansachs and #baincapital aided by #Mattel ripped off eToys, Fingerhut & Mattel creditors/ investors for $5 Billion.

These racketeers got away with it by arranging for their lawyer (MNAT partner Colm Connolly) to become Delaware United States Attorney presiding over the very cases in question https://lnkd.in/gs4TJ8N

Years later, after my whistleblowing compelled some confessions - we learned of proof Colm Connolly had a serious conflict of interest in refusing to prosecute Sachs, Bain Cap , MNAT & others.

When I reported the cronyism to Public Corruption Task Force - it was Shut Down - and Fed prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut, on reasons why! https://lnkd.in/gaQQbaS

Now evidence arose proving SEC Chair Jay Clayton & SEC Enforcer Steven Peikin also are cronies who are aiding & abetting Colm Connolky; which seems to be causing an exodus to avoid indictment!

Rhut Roh!


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