Wine women Pakistani dickheads who even old and ugly white women can fool

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Pakistan’s top analyst  sums it up :——

She was allowed no ingress or even granted an interview by me inspite of all pressures put on me. My view about her was that she is having a free ride in Pakistan. She was a “Gori” having a rollicking time at the expense of our “Dick headed”people.

GENERAL _______ case was a classic example of using wine & women to trap persons. He unfortunately met his fate due to his own peccadillos.—————-I met her in _______ in 2014. She had pushed out Major _____ from the School he founded and had become Principal. She was living for free in the hotel of _________ along with two British teachers

(basically boys on a pleasure trip). She comes regularly to Islamabad & Lahore and is wined and dined by the Dick Heads who get high on seeing even an ugly gori.