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I have 2-3 Falcons & Harris hawks visit me daily. A rare event, but they love clean fresh water, a good bird bath, and hunt quail which are in abundance.

Falcons are beautiful. JFK 1963.

 From mr Luiz Bresciani—

My dear colleague John F Perez:

1. PRESIDENT KENNEDY was the first that had the courage to face in June 04th 1963 and tried to defeat the DEEP STATE (FINANCIAL SECTOR) which FED was the core of such power.

2. PRESIDENT KENNEDY signed the EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 overing with the authorization given by US GOVERN to the FED (controlled by ROTHSCHILDS, ROCKEFELLER, LASARD and MORGAN) to print dollar papers and has the monopoly for negotiate with physical gold and silver.

3. In November of 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. Immediately CIA plant a conspiracy alleging that Lee Oswald was a AGENT OF KGB/URSS. Therefore willful incriminated URSS.

4. In February 1964, i.e., only three months of the date of assassination of President Kennedy, the proofs are appointing that his successor LYNDON JOHNSON revoked the EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110.

5. Therefore existed a direct link associative facts and interests between the FED (like the main beneficiary of the revoked EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110) and (the fact that the same FED was direct affected and lost trillions of dollars linked to the signature of the EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 by KENNEDY).

6. Thus, in intelligence subjects or theories, anyone that will allege coincidences about what was above appointed, is not acceptable;