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Perhaps most importantly, Spike NLOS has a range of up to 30 kilometers, placing it right in Gen. Smith’s range requirement. That range also makes it a useful anti-ship weapon, forcing enemy fleets to keep their distance from Marines occupying distant islands. While Spike NLOS isn’t a Harpoon missile with a quarter-ton, high-explosive warhead, the Marines can steer it remotely, allowing them to target specific parts of an enemy ship, such as a bridge, deck gun, or helicopter parked on a landing pad.

Here's a recent video from Rafael showing a light tactical vehicle similar to the JLTV equipped with a four-missile Spike NLOS launcher. Note the video describes the system as having an even greater range of 32 kilometers:

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Whether or not the Marines made the right decision retiring their tanks may not be proven right or wrong for years to come. Although the M1A1 Abrams was a bad fit for the South China Sea, it would still have been useful in northern Europe, where the Marines also train to deploy. But in abandoning its tanks, the Marines may have found something even more useful on all the battlefields of tomorrow.