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        insanity: UK government commits nation to starvation suicide by
        commanding food sector workers to self-quarantine… supply chain
        “at risk of collapse”

“PINGDEMIC” Insanity:

UK govt commits nation to starvation suicide . commanding food sector workers to self-quarantine … supply chain “will collapse”.

(Natural News) After centuries of global rule, the United Kingdom is committing societal suicide by ordering millions of its workers across food, retail . medicine sectors to self-quarantine in their homes.

Grocery store shelves are going bare across the nation, and industry leaders warn that the food supply chain is, “at risk of collapse.”

How did this happen?

The UK government requires every individual to carry a mobile phone installed with NHS covid-19 software that tracks and records their movements and locations in real time.

When any person is found to be “covid positive” via a fraudulent PCR test (that grossly amplifies false positives), the entire history of that person’s movements is analyzed to determine what other people may have been near that person at any time.

All those who ever came close to that “positive” person are then pinged on their phone app . ordered to self-quarantine, removing them from the labor pool.

In the last week alone, more than 500,000 Britons were “pinged” . ordered to stay home.

At this rate, within a few more weeks there will be very few people left to run much of anything. This phenomenon is being called a “pingdemic.”

The result is an accelerating collapse of the food sector as there are no longer enough workers to staff grocery stores, food production plants or to drive

transportation trucks (“lorries”).

PCR quackery drives the fake science of demanded self-quarantine

The entire scheme is a massive fraud, of course, since the PCR tests on which it’s all based are nothing but quack science.

PCR tests can never be used to determine a quantitative viral load, which means no diagnosis of “infection” or “sickness” can come from a PCR test.

But that doesn’t stop the government from using PCR tests to order millions of workers into self-imprisonment in their own homes.

This is true even if the original “positive” person they are claimed to have encountered shows no symptoms themselves (and therefore isn’t “sick”).

“Nick Allen, the chief executive of the Meat Processors Association, warned that the supply chain was at risk of collapse, saying some of his members had

lost up to 10 per cent of their workforce,” reports The UK Telegraph. The paper also reports:

Supermarket supply chains are “starting to fail” because the “ping.demic” is sending thousands of workers into self-isolation, food industry leaders warned on Wednesday night.

Shop shelves in some areas were empty of basic supplies, while petrol stations ran out of fuel as the NHS Test and Trace app threatened to bring parts of

the economy to a standstill.

Supermarket leaders said an existing national shortage of lorry drivers had been brought to near-crisis point by the numbers sent into self-isolation by app.

Shelves were empty of supplies including bread, meat, fruit and vegetables in parts of Bristol, Cambridge and Southampton.

It’s the planned take down of the UK economy . crushing Western civilization through sheer idiocy!

What we are all witnessing here is the planned take down of the United Kingdom via engineered starvation and economic collapse.

There is no real reason why grocery store shelves should go empty, other than the fact that the government is engineering the shortages on the flimsiest of schemes:

Ordering people to stay home for two weeks because they might have casually passed by someone on the sidewalk, and that person later tested “positive”

for covid in a fraudulent PCR test.

Seriously? This is how the British Empire ends? Not with a bang, nor even a whimper, but hunger pangs?

Through this hare-brained scheme, UK government officials have managed to plunge their own nation into third-world status,

engineering a man-made artificial crisis that can nevertheless have real-world consequences.

In the name of halting covid, it seems, the UK is going to clobber its entire food infrastructure. “We’ll show that virus!”

They might as well just have the NHS covid app order “pinged” people to shoot themselves in the head.

(No doubt some segment of the obedient sheeple population would gladly comply, sadly enough.)

But who needs a virus to attack humanity when our own asinine governments will do the job on their own?

UK government is accomplishing what the covid bioweapon could never achieve: government-enforced food shortages . mass famine.

While the virus might only be able to kill 1% of the population on its own, by adding in toxic vaccines and forced famine, the UK government may manage

to kill ten times as many.

As an American observing this, I might typically deride the UK government for its sheer idiocy, but I’m reminded that the U.S. government is currently

headed by an incoherent, advanced-staged dementia patient named Joe Biden. So I guess we’re all in the same boat at this point.

God help us all . Brits, Yanks . Anzac's and all the rest.


file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Soul.jpg   file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Soul.jpg   file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Soul.jpg


Whereas .

The Inner Sun file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Soul.jpgis the physical form of the Sun we see . in the sky . a reflection of the Outer Sun.

In 3D we reside in a duality . once souls go beyond 3D . souls are formless spirits = energy . light beings.

The creation is likened to a battery .  there is a POSITIVE Pole = the CHRIST ENERGY = CONSCIOUSNESS.

There is a NEGATIVE Pole = the Antichrist > Demiurge > Satan > Lucifer . Ahriman.

One is pole is to the Right . One pole is to the Left.

They compliment - balance each other . like Male & Female.

"Life is a journey we do not walk alone . we are all in it together . we are all "ONE"

When you only saw one set of footprints, it was then
            that ... Embrace Beloved God's most precious gift . LOVE!.

"Do not fear! . Perfect Love casts out fear."


There is a struggle between the Forces of Light v Darkness . Love v Fear.

It is a personal decision that each of us is being asked to make at this time .  which side are you going to choose?

     Fear is divisive one nation . religion . culture against another nation . religion .culture.

 Fear is judgmental . my way is better . superior . more pleasing to God than your way.

                                        Fear is self centered . I am right . you are wrong.

Love is Oneness . Unity . respect for the beliefs of others . always acting for the good of ALL rather than self.




Spiritus-Soul s Sat-Son a Agam-Father  a Alakh-Mother an Anami-Source-Father of Fathers 

Remember . Remember . we are immortal spiritual beings . soul-light sparklets . within the Ocean of Love-Light . of Beloved God .

As prodigal souls . we are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolve-ment .                                                where young souls explore  Service-to-Self & Service-to-Other behavior. we arrive here via Shabd file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Shabd.png life current .                                                                we cannot  be a positive en-souled human BE-ing . if  we are doing harm to others . rather discover our true self . as Soul .                                           meditate on the path of . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Kindness . Unconditional Love .                                       whilst in the physical 3D realm of Free Will . Earth -Terra - Pind  . we Souls have our human experience . within our biological computer body .                    the Trinity . comprises . SOUL . MIND . BODY . our temporary TEMPLE .  

by Jahre file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Flute.jpgBeloveds ambassador . his flute  . from the Spiritual Realm . the Kingdom described by Christ Jesus  file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Gods%20hand.gif