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Ivan – I am also fearful of Biden’s move against Russia (sanctions, expulsing diplomats from the U.S.) and even sanctions against China rather than diplomacy. Biden was involved in supporting the Iraq invasion.  With Obama, Biden got us into Yemen – a major humanitarian crisis, and the overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya – leading to the spread of Radical Islam across the Sahel.


I did not agree with Trump’s foreign policy of pulling out of international agreements SINCE THE ART OF DIPLOMACY IS DIALOGUE – and without dialogue then there is a strong risk of war.


Neither Trump nor Biden seem to get it – very worrisome. War is big business as Eisenhower warned – but you are right – with nuclear weapons it could be the end of civilization as we know it – MASS DESTRUCTION


We don’t hear much about the Ukraine situation only that Russia is building up military forces along eastern Ukraine in recent times & that eastern Ukraine population is mostly Russian and thus pro-Russian, while the rest of Ukraine wants closer ties with Europe.  Why not have closer ties with Russia and Europe?? This conflict between Eastern Ukraine and the rest of the country has been going on for years