How naieve and IDIOTIC is Alice wells,was righlty sacked by President Trump

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I received below piece which I do not wholly endorse but I am quite disappointed how NAIEVE and stupid is this ALICE WELLS ? AT ONE TIME THE USA had great diplomats :-----

Barrister Iftikhar Ahmed: (a Pak Barrister based and practicing in London. He resigned as a major in the Pakistan Army after General Zia imposed martial law and settled in the UK and joined the PPP and was closely associated with Benazir Bhutto who after becoming the prime minister got him elected to the Senate. Being disheartened by her misgovernance he opted to return to the UK and resumed his legal career)

Dear Sir

Today, I had a two-hour encounter with Alice Wells—US Assistant Secretary of State for South/Central Asia. Ambassador Wells was at IISS, London—speaking on Pak-US relations. She discussed in details what US wants from Pakistan as a prerequisite to 100% normalisation of relations.

I can sum up the US wish list in my analytical piece as:
1) Americans want that Pakistan should NOT seal border with Afghanistan—as it doesn’t suit India.
2) They want Pakistan to destroy Haqqani network—as it’s desired by India, the inglorious US strategic partner.
3) They want Pakistan to roll back CPEC—as India doesn’t like it.
4) Should call back 29 dodgy NGOs expelled recently—because they’re spying for R&A Wing and CIA.
5) Should eliminate Hafez Saeed and the humanitarian organisations he is associated with—as Indian terrorists feel scared by him.
6) Should restore anti-Pakistan radio/social media networks—because they work for CIA & R&A Wing.
7) Should carry on hosting 3 million Afghan refugees—as they are a liability on Islamabad’s limited resources, but a valuable asset for Americans and Indians providing ready-to-use terrorists against Pakistan.
8) Should demonstrate a pro-US/India strategic shift.
9) Should facilitate the ‘Bush Doctrine’ of American preemptive wars in the region.
10) Should respect/embrace the Indian role in Afghanistan—because India has invested $2 billion there.

Ambassador Wells’s discourse was built on the above ten ludicrous demands.
I was so glad that apart from me, Pak DA (Col Nadeem) and Air Cdre Adil Sultan—half a dozen British/American independent security practitioners and political commentators openly supported Pakistan’s serious concerns about US policy towards Pakistan through the Indian prism.
We all grilled Alice Wells.
A couple of RAW/CIA-paid/trained so- called Afghan diplomats were constantly spitting venom against Pakistan.

I underscored to Ambassador Wells—until the US Administration stops pursuing Nikki Haley’s pro-India diplomatic credo and Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan political narrative—Pak-US relations will continue to be plagued by mutual mistrust and inveterate suspicion.

My conclusion is:
a) Pakistan should carry on dealing with Americans by proactively pursuing our national interests—demonstrating ‘no love, no hate’ precept.
b) Must complete border fencing with Afghanistan—tight aerial/ground surveillance.
c) Strengthen 19, 23 and 12 Divs to deal with any Indian militarism on WB/LoC.
d) Carry out Kalbhushan Jadev’s death sentence.
e) Take Iran into confidence on Afghanistan—bolster border control with Tehran.
f) Be fully prepared to tackle the Daesh/ISIS threat from Afghanistan. Americans, Indians and Israelis are training tens of thousands Daesh terrorists to use them against Pakistan through permeable Pak-Afghan border.
g) We must create a large epistemic community to deal with the traditional US-India rhetoric against Pakistan.
h) We must ensure Pakistani diplomats/academics/politicians and intellectuals attend every talk/seminar/conference addressed by Indians, Afghans and Americans.
i) Do NOT trust the Afghans—their NDS, Army, Foreign Office, politicians are working for India/US against Pakistan.
j) Enhance diplomatic activities with Russia/China/Turkey/Iran and Central Asia, on regional insecurity triggered by the Afghan back-stabbing.
k) Create in Pak Foreign Office a post of specialised Minister of State for the region—covering China/Russia/Turkey/Iran and Central Asia.
Ambassador Wells will be in Islamabad again in a week or so—keep your stance aggressively firm.
Pakistan, Zinda Baad.