How and why did Soviet war weaponry fail the Arabs in every war but won every war for India

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This question is factually incorrect (1) INDIA had very few soviet weapons in first two of its wars in 1947–48 and 1965 (2) INDIA. Had soviet weapons in 1971 war but many rank regiments which performed well were till holding british tanks (3) indian victory in 1971 was not result of soviet weapons but overwhelming numerical superiority in eastern theatre (4) on the whole Arabs performed badly in first three wars as they were qualitatively inferior (5) in 1973 war Arabs had mostly soviet weapons and they actually did not fail (6) soviet sir defence defeated IDF in crossing of Suez Canal (7) Egypt achieved strategic surprise and Israel agranat commission after the war blamed Israeli higher command for total strategic intel failure (8) Israel’s president chaim herzog wrote a book in Arab Israeli wars and admitted in that book that IDF had failed on the Syrian front (9) on the whole Arabs were inferior to Israel qualitatively and the major reason for this was that Jewish officers had massive military training and 36000 Jewish officers had served in allied armies in ww 2 —‪WHY ARAB ARMIES FAILED IN WAR WHY ARAB ARMIES FAILED IN WAR via @academia AMAN DAILY ESTIMATES PROVED DEADLY FOR ISRAELGENERAL CHAIM HERZOG AN OUTSTANDING MILITARY HISTORIAN ON ISRAELI STRATEGIC FAILURE ON THE SYRIAN FRONT -1973

Chaim Herzogs credibility was high as a historian in Pakistani military and his classic book " War of Atonement" was compulsory reading in the military history paper.

So highly regarded was the above mentioned book that it was distributed by the Army Book Club to all officers in 1982-83.

Agha H Amin


The Isreali forces advanced some fifteen miles into Syria, but the attack was stopped some eighteen miles south of Damascus, when on 12 October the Iraqi First Armoured Division established contact with the Israeli forces.

From a strategic point of view the Israeli attack did not succeed in destroying the Syrian and Iraqi forces.

Syria was not taken out of the war,and it appeared at this point that Israeli military effort was coming to an end.

Indeed the Chief of Staff pointed out to the Israeli government on 12 October that the attack in the north had been stopped in its tracks by the Joint Syrian and Iraqi forces.

Page-319 , The Arab Israeli Wars , by Chaim Herzog ,Vintage Books ,New York , January 1984