Desperation of the Russians to woo Pakistan sabotaged

Desperation of the Russians to woo Pakistan sabotaged

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Not directly relevant but of interest - a great Pakistani politician as described by my uncle in this photo who was sidelined by Pakistan’s establishment—USSR DESPERATION TO INVITE PAKISTANS PRIME MINISTER TO USSR SABOTAGED BY BRITISH AGENTS LIKE MALIK GHULAM MOHAMMAD AND IKRAMULLAH AND A WEAK PRIME MINISTER WHO LISTENED TO THESE SABOTUERS

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pakistans Third Secretary Remembers USSR Ambassadors Desperation in Tehran

Pakistans Third Secretary Remembers USSR Ambassadors Desperation in Tehran

Agha H Amin

Saad S Khairi was my aunts husband .He passed the last ICS examination in pre partition India and opted for Pakistan Foreign Service.

His contemporaries were Sajjad Haider (who came from forces ,typical British backdoor system of imposing people through back doors and lateral entries)

Saad Khairi was serving as a Third Secretary in Tehran in 1950-51.He remembered one day how a peon came and said that a man standing in bazaar closeby wanted to meet him .He was surprised as to why the man did not come inside , but all the same went outside in a side street.A European man was standing with a hat and to Khairis surprise was Soviet Acting Ambassador in Iran. The man told Khairi that Pakistani Prime Minister must visit USSR before he goes anywhere and this was in Pakistans interest.

USSR had invited Liaquat first and USA later but the British Intelligence group in Pakistani state convinced Liaquat to first visit USA who had invited him after the USSR invitation.

USSR as a result saw Liaquats gesture as a snub and became a sworn Pakistan enemy. USA did not immediately became a Pakistani ally but in 1954 a major US Pakistan strategic agreement was concluded resulting in later stationing of U 2 Aircrafts in Pakistan.

So desperate were the Soviets to woo Pakistan that their ambassador came walking to meet a Pakistani diplomat of Third Secretary level.

Khairi immediately went inside and informed Raja Ghazanfar Ali the Ambassador with whom he was very close and who regarded Khairi like his own son.Immediately cypher clerk was called and a long signal sent to Foreign ministry Karachi about this incident.

However a few days later Khairi received a call from Karachi in which he was admonished by a senior official and asked not to be overclever.Khairi questioned the man who simply shut down the phone.

As per Khairis assessment the pro US and pro British lobby was very strong in Pakistans Foreign Ministry.Ikramullah the foreign Secretary was a known British Intelligene Asset.So was the first Director of Intelligence Bureau Ghulam Ahmad (brother of Aziz Ahmad-ICS an Arain from Taran Taran).

Raja ghazanfar Alis brief as received from Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan was to support Iran and help in creating an Iran Pakistan alliance but his mandate was constantly sabotaged by Ikramullah and company in Pakistan Foreign office.

Khairi has discussed this incident in his autobiography AAP BEETEE JAG BEETEE published by Book House Lahore

Actually the dynamic and brilliant Mian Iftikharuddin and Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan the brilliant editor published a story in Pakistan Times about a letter mentioning Ghulam Ahmads British Intelligence links.

In short Pakistani bureaucracy was firmly in British and USA pocket.

After all Pakistan was visualised by British as an anti Soviet vassal and the bureaucrats successfully convinced Liaquat Ali Khan to visit USA first.

In affairs of state very few statesman can bull doze and bullshit the third rate bureacrats and this was also Liaquat Ali Khans failing.

Today from a British vassal and later an American vassal Pakistan is fast moving towards becoming a Chinese vassal.

Personally I dont think that China Economic Corridor would be completed in Nawaz Sharif or Raheel Sharifs lifetime or lets say their tenure in office.

Pakistans rulers should not play such games and pursue an independent foreign policy.

It would not be easy to execute the China Corridor as there are always opposing forces in history .