Delaware biggest headquarters of corruption and money laundering

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“The United States has now become the global center for money hiding and illicit wealth storage. And Delaware, the state Biden represented in the Senate for 36 years, is the go-to destination for plutocratic tax dodgers and criminal money launderers.”

On March 12, 2020 former VP Goldman Sachs Anthony Abunassar recieved a check for an undisclosed amount from the State of Delaware abandoned property account. He reported that the check was a bonus for 10 years of work for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. He told me that he never cashed the check but burned it instead.

Today he reported on his Telegram group chat that he registed on CME approximately one year ago, he was just about to transfer $600 million dollars which is the maximum amount to transfer Bitcoin on CME and at that point he believes that Artificial Intelligence tried to murder him by blocking access to all of his funds.

Just what is going on here? I am monitoring and documenting the situation as Amicus Curiea. Our work is open to all nations, agencies and brotherhoods equally.

Being a full time trader for 5 years, Anthony is now forced destitute with no way to earn a living.