Data pirates and thief’s in the USA

Data pirates and thief’s in the USA

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Bluffdale NSA Data Center: Revocation of Consent

Mother and researcher Alison McDowell documents her road trip and landscape tour of Salt Lake City Utah on February 6, 2021. Roadside Video:

Alison made her tour around Salt Lake City right before giving a talk in Silicon Slopes regarding Digital Slavery.

The data center was built between 2014 and 2019 to hold 100 years of digital dust. The United States Government spent $1.5 billion dollars on this series of data warehouses.

This center is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. National Intelligence Community headed now by Avril Haines.

After setting fire to a pinch of sage as a ritual of cleansing Alison states, “We are not going to be your genetically engineered machines and your cyborgs, you didn’t ask us and we refuse...”

To understand the larger context view on Silkthreads Press here:

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