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As received below from a friend .POSTING MAY NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT WE ENDORSE THIS VIEWPOINT THAT ALIEN CHINKS WOULD WIN :----No Sir USA cannot afford to indulge in destabilising Indo Pacific Ocean Region.
Next decade would see the West/G7 trying to catch up China's BRI with their B3W ( Build Back Better World.) And hence will need peace n stability for the success of B3W.
In the Pacific they will hav to compete with CEPA ( Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement ) between ASEAN +5 ( China Japan S Korea Australia n New Zee Land ) effective June 1921 after a decade of hard negotiations that saw Trump/USA quitting in 2017 n India 2019. It's the World's largest Free Trade Agreement involving 30% of World GDP/$3 tn. All the Members opposing China's Dash 9 claim on South China Sea are part of this Agreement w/o prejudice to their posn on EEZ.
China is vigorously building BRI Rail & Road infrastructure linking it to Myanmar - Thailand - Malaysia n Singapore on one side and Laos, Vietnam n Cambodia on the other. It is building HSR ( High Speed Railway ) in Indonesia n also helping them constructing their New Capital.
In Indian Ocean, China has secured ports at Yangon ( Rangoon ), BD, Hambantota Sri Lanka n Maldives, CPEC in Pakistan and $400 bn investment in Iran ousting both India ( partially ) n USA.
Djibouti hosts both Chines n US Bases ( mouth of Red Sea/Bab Al Mandab likely site of future under sea Tunnel connecting Africa with Asia.)
In Europe it has bought 13 Ports to act as bridges to BRI incl strategically loc Paraeos Greece, Italy, Spain, France n Belgium. ( had bought Californian Long Beach also but USA forced it to sell it to Australia for $1.2 bn.)
American response with Quad ( USA Japan India n Australia ) is basically to secure International Sea Lanes of Commerce & Trade and Fishing. The three already had separate Def/Strategic Agreements with USA; but would they forego their Economic benefits¿ Australia might but Japan with deep down carrying a grudge against USA starting with 1853 attack on Japan to force trade to Nuclear Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing millions n Embarrassing Surrender, was likely to break away/ be neutral.
USA was using more than 50% of world's refined oil (45 mn barrels) till 2008, discoverd Shale Rock n Fracturing Technology n became a net oil n gas exporter by 2015/16 thereby freeing itself from ME n Iranian Energy Bounds n hence descaling it's National Interest to Peripheral abandoning Iran completely ignoring Liddelhart's advice of it being a Shortest Route to Warm Waters and a Spring Board to Russian Soft Belly. They thought they could do so from CARs thru Afghanistan but failed.
After losing both Iran n Pakistan they r left with India ( Australia being too far to b really effective) and was most likely to help India develop the Andeman at the mouth of Malacca Strait as a major Base.
It'll try to minimise China's influence in Sri Lanka by helping it return its loan.
In Bangladesh by ensuring India continued denying Road Link to China thru its Eastern States bordering Myanmar. Indications r already there. India chose a far more costly n vulnerable route for its Expressway IMT (India Myanmar Thailand) along Brahmaputra instead of BD ( extendable to Cambodia Laos n Vietnam, ) and opting for a very complicated Sea - River - Road to Mizoram from Kolkata circuiting around BD thru Bay of Bengal to Sitwe Myanmar exactly like it chose to go to Afghanistan via Chahbahar Iran ignoring provisions of SAARC ( killing its potential of the Subcontinent becoming a virtual Union.)
For the success of B3W n compete wit BRI America/G7 need World Peace and Stability. A factional War in Afghanistan is not in its interest. Reinforcing/assisting Ghani will exactly b that. I leave it to u to guess who were likely to b their friends in Afghanistan. Reversal indeed.