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Sorry was travelling to Detroit n was out of comm.
1st photo is that of Lt Khalid Yaqub, Tp Ldr B Sqn s/o Col Yaqub ex CO 13L, YO qualifued, n done Collective trg under Maj HAMEED
2nd n 3rd photos are of Maj Fakhre Alam n Maj Sultan martyred North of Jaurian near New Partap Canal/ Devipur in 1965. Charlie Sqn Comd Maj Abbass was critically wounded South of Jaurian n was evacuated. Alpha Sqn Comd was Maj ( Brig ) Mushir Muhammad Khan with Capt Riffat Beg Humayun as his 2IC.
Both War Veterans of 1965, were the CO n 2IC of 13L from Peshawar to Kharian till Sep 71 when they were posted out, Brig Mushir as GSO 1 Corps HQ n in their place Lt Col Masood n Maj Moqeet M Khan were posted as CO n 2IC. Brig Moqeet visited me at the North Western edges of Barapind and escaped narrowly while observing from Capt Qazi 29 FF, A Coy's Pl Posn. Lt Col Masood was a brave man n displayed his courage after the War at the sub calibre range when to give confidence to gunners he would stand between the Pop Up targets during live firing. But had no battle experience.
4th n 5th pics r those of Lt Pervez Aslam s/o Brig Aslam ex CO 13L n Lt Qaiser Nazir Quereshi S/O Brig Dr Nazir Quereshi n brother of Maj Kokab Nair. Both the offrs were YOs qualified n had done Collective trg with me in March - Apr at Matanni Plaines ( where Hayatabad stands today.) They had also done a Sig Ex around Kharian under Col Abbas.
2Lt Shaukat Beg Humayun brother of Brig Asmet Beg n Col Riffat Beg was the only youngster who hadn't been to YOs. I had put him on Ris Shafi's Tk that received a direct Med Arty hit that damaged its track n while getting it repaired recieved another hit injuring him n some LAD pers. The other youngster 2nd Lt OC ( Omer Ch ) s/o sitting Air Chief Marshal Zafar Ch, was injured in an accident while on YOs, was in Karchi on Sick Leave from where he joined the Regt during War ( taking lift in a car ) n performed very well as Int Offr with CO moving about everywhere encouraging n bucking up pers.
There is no substitute to the real Battle inoculation/experience and that too spread over weeks n 20/30 miles from Chamb to Devipur/New Partap Canal. Had one out of Col Abbas n Brig Mushir been retained as CO 13 L during 71 War, the story might hav been different. ---Maj Asmat Beg n Maj JK joined the Regiment at Pasrur from Staff College Quetta. Maj Ejaz Alam Khan was OC A San n Maj Hameed OC B Sqn. Both became Capts. CO wanted Ejaz Alam Khan Shaheed as his Adjt but he declined preferring to b tp leader in A Sqn. Hameed thus became the Adjt.