Australia fed up with COVOID DECEPTION

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Animated GIF WARNING: EXTRA FOOD & WATER! . leave city for country . grow own food.


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AMERICA: White House officially announces vaccine “strike forces” that will go door-to-door, targeting anti-vaxxers in their homes, forcing Americans to take KILL SHOTS White House
        officially announces vaccine “strike forces” that will go
        door-to-door, targeting anti-vaxxers in their homes, forcing
        Americans to take KILL SHOTS


Friday, July 09, 2021 by: Mike Adams  (Natural News) It’s official: The White House has publicly and un-apologetically announced the deployment of “strike forces” — a military term — to go door-to-door across America, targeting unvaccinated people in their own homes. This announced yesterday by Jen Psaki.

The goal of the program — which has already been denounced by numerous state governors and U.S. senators — is to coerce people into taking “kill shots” of spike protein bioweapons, which are deliberately mislabeled “vaccines.” Very quickly, this program will be ramped up to full mandatory status, which means gunpoint enforcement of deadly shots, essentially meaning the U.S. government is unleashing death squads across America.

And they aren’t even hiding it anymore. My best advice on how to handle this is:

Anyone attempting to assault you with a deadly weapon is committing a criminal act and should be arrested.

  1. If they come to your door, don’t answer it.
  2. If they keep knocking, call the police.
  3. If they break in your door, defend yourself.
  4. At all times, video record whatever is happening. And upload your video to or other free speech platforms.

Every human being has the right to self-defense. An assault with an experimental vaccine that has already killed at least 9,000 Americans is, of course, an assault with a deadly weapon.


he world is/was run by a Satanic Freemasonry Criminal Cabal   Rothschild's Khazarian (false Jews) Mafia .                  who ensnared political leaders by Bribes . Blackmail in Pedophilia . Child murder traps .  documented on video . used to blackmail them for life .              same scheme used in big tech . Hollywood . music industry .don’t ranpe a child . don’t get promoted - publicized!                                                                    The cult of Trump shows how delusion is linked to blind devotion.
There is a struggle between the Forces of Light . Darkness . Love . Fear.

It is a personal decision that each of us is being asked to make at this time .  which side are you going to choose?

     Fear is divisive one nation . religion . culture against another nation . religion .culture.

 Fear is judgmental . my way is better . superior . more pleasing to God than your way.

                                        Fear is self centered . I am right . you are wrong.

Love is Oneness . Unity . respect for the beliefs of others . always acting for the good of ALL rather than self.


In a time of universal deceit . use our Beloved God given discernment !DISCERN TRUTH!


Spiritus-Soul s Sat-Son a Agam-Father  a Alakh-Mother an Anami-Source-Father of Fathers 

Remember . to Remember . we are immortal spiritual beings . soul-light sparklets . dreaming within the Ocean of Love-Light . of Beloved God . 

As prodigal souls . we are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolve-ment .  where young souls explore  Service-to-Self & Service-to-Other behavior. we arrive here via Shabd file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Shabd.png life current . we cannot  be a positive en-souled human BE-ing . if  we are doing harm to others . rather discover our true self . as Soul . Meditate on the path of . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Kindness . Unconditional Love . Whilst in the physical 3D realm of Free Will . Earth -Terra - Pind  . we Souls have our human experience . within our biological computer body . the Trinity . comprises . SOUL . MIND . BODY . our TEMPLE .                                                                                                                                  by Jahre file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Flute.jpgBeloveds ambassador . his flute  . from the Spiritual Realm . the Kingdom described by Christ Jesus  file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Gods%20hand.gif