Whistle Blowers in USA cannot trust INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST Securities and Exchange Commission

Today's SEC vote on whistleblower protection appears to be doublespeak!

SEC Chair, Jay Clayton, is proven not to be a friend of whistleblowers; and the SEC Press Release statement on the voting concerning whistleblower issues, may be a cause for concern that reduction in protections are being sugar-coated as "amendments" / "efficiencies".

Whereas, the SEC states that-

....."The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to adopt amendments to the rules governing its whistleblower program that are designed to provide greater clarity to whistleblowers and increase the program’s efficiency and transparency. Concurrently, to provide additional efficiencies, as well as clarity and transparency in the award determination process, the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower published guidance regarding the process for determining award amounts for eligible whistleblowers."...

Whistleblower law firms tout today's vote as a victory for their advocacy.

All this whistleblower really knows- is - that we simply can't trust U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman - Jay Clayton

IMO, vote is still out - on todays SEC Commissioners vote - actually being a win!

Fact - Whistleblows all timd high

Fact - enforcements down 50%

FACT - - FAO & Toys"R"Us Gone