Was BajiRao a better military commander than Robert Clive?

The comparisons between Clive and Baji RAO is FAR FETCHED (1) Clive was a clerk who became a soldier accidentally and fought very small actions - Carnatic wars etc were very small actions -Plassey was won by bribery - there ends Clives career - (2) main opponent Bajirao faced was nizam who was a very badly organised and inefficient foe (3) Mughal empire was in disarray with civil wars and various other problems (4) Bajirao expanded in a vacuum (5) he never faced any serious foe and captured wasteland of central India - he could not touch the doab or the avadh or rohailkhand - (7) for successors of Bajirao things were much easier as Mughals backbone was broken by Nadir shah so Marathas occupies Delhi without a battle till defeated by Abdali - again since Abdali retuned there was a vacuum after 1774 — by this time Sikhs had blocked afghan path in Punjab so there was no one to oppose Marathas and they occupied Delhi after 1787 or so only to be defeated by Lord lake in 1803