Roman Helmet

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One of the most beautiful ancient Roman helmets ever was found in Serbia, it

is famous gilded helmet from Berkasovo, originating from 4th century AD.
The helmet is made of gold-plated iron sheets luxuriously decorated with gems and glass paste ornaments and has Greek inscriptions on the edges.
It belongs to a type of late Roman ridge helmet, made up of several pieces united by a longitudinal ridge. Calotte of Berkasovo helmet is made of 4 pieces, with attached cheek-pieces, neck guard and nose guard. Iron sheets are 3 mm thick, and they are covered with 2mm thick gilded silver sheets.
Unlike Roman helmets from earlier period based on Celtic design, this form was derived from eastern helmets, from Persian Sassanid Empire.
Collection of Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad
It was discovered on the field together with another gold-plated helmet and some horse equipment in 1955 by a local woman in Berkasovo village, Srem region, northern Serbia.





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