Major General Naeem-27 Cavalry-great Platoon Commander-Great General,and man of substance

Friday, October 4, 2019

Major General Naeem-27 Cavalry

Memorable Contemporaries

Major General Mohammad Naeem

Our acquaintance with Major Naeem  27 Cavalry began on 3rd May 1981 when we saw him exhorting cadets of 67 Long Course to face the PMA reception or go home.

Major Naeem was not my platoon commander but his presence was overwhelming in the life and times of 67 Long Course all throughout 3rd May 1981 till end of 1982 when he left to attend the Malayasian Staff College.

Major Naeem was a hard task master but a well meaning man.

We shared the alma mater of Forman Christian College Lahore.

Fate had it that myself and Major General Naeem were together for most of our military career till I retired from the army in 1993.

When I was commissioned in 11 Cavalry in March 1983 , Major Naeem landed as the brigade major of our brigade in late 1983.

When I was posted to Multan to an armoured regiment on raiisng Major Naeem soon joined 27 Cavalry in Multan in mid 1985.

We were in constant touch and Major Naeem was always there to render moral support on any issue that I confronted.

When I was posted to Lahore as MTO of an armoured brigade Major Naeem followed as brigade major with an infantry brigade in Lahore with that outstanding man Brigadier Anwar Muneeruddin.

When I was posted to the School of Armour Nowshera in October 1990 , now Lieutenant Colonel Naeem soon followed as a colleague at the Tactical Wing.

He was also an instructor when I attended the mid career course.

A man of principles Naeem worried too much and got too much involved in service matters which gave him ulcers.In his case a purely psycho somatic disease associated with his temperament of getting too much involved in service.

A very disciplined man he was not a rebel in the unconventional sense and all that he saw made him more sick with the system.

Naeem retained the same frankness with all his friends and cadets even as a one and two star .

All that he gained in terms of promotion was on basis of sheer hard work and merit .

As a corps commander he could have improved the army but an upright man rarerly gets two or three stars in ceremonial , orders oriented third world armies

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