laser Haas from USA on GOONS OF Wall Street

SEC Chair, Jay Clayton, is a Wall Street goon; who is seeking to eviscerate whistleblowers

Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, LLP continues to stand in the cheap seats attempting to wish for a better world where whistleblowers are welcomed - with open arms - by the SEC, IRS and the rest of the federal government.


May as well ask for Trump to turn over a new leaf, and stop Tweeting.

You can't - ask bullies - to stop bullying.

Though KKC told me my case doesn't count, I still admire what Stephen Kohn and his firm have done - and are trying to do.

But Stephen Kohn's approach to advocating for whistleblowers - is doomed!

SEC Chair Jay Clayton, never should have been there, in the first place; and - until all good lawyers (as few as there are) totally "get" that - KKC's advocacy is doomed.

Clayton is a SullCrom partner, where SullCrom is a Goldman Sachs firm; and whilst Jay's wife was a partner of GSachs - Clayton was heavily invested in Bain Cap.

Do we really expect decent whistleblower treatment from a man who made his wealth from decades long against whistle blowing?

This vote, tomorrow, could be the beginning, of the end!