Indian Military Review-Journal of Indian Military Affairs: Book Review of Limited War in South Asia From Decolonization to Recent Times Scott Gates and Kaushik Roy (April 2018) (Volume 99)



I had a very high opinion about Routledge till I read this absolute disaster, if one can call it a book ! The authors on this page made some very fallacious and totally non factual claims. They term attack by Pakistans 23 Division as attack by Pakistans 2 Corps , which one can term as absolute nonsense .I could not imagine that so called researchers could be so ill informed .Anyhow the whole attack by Pakistans 23 Division is described as an attack by Pakistans 2 Corps under Tikka Khan which is ludicrous and an absolute travesty of facts. I am surprised how this book was written and who edited it at Routledge and failed to check and correct these major factual errors. On page 109 the authors make another absolutely fallacious and unacceptable claim when they state that the Indians withdrew east of Tawi and concentrated their defences around Chhamb sector