Graphic Depiction of an Infantry Battalion in attack at Sulaimanke-1971

Pakistan Military Review: Battle of Sulaimanke (1971 War Series) Paperback – January 2, 2016



The Indian plan to defend Sabuna and contain Sulaimanke was highly fallacious and “self defeating”. The architect of this self defeating hundred percent formula for certified Indian failure was GOC Indian F Sector , Major General Ram Singh who was commanding this adhoc division raised in June 1971 for defence of Fazilka Ganganagar Sector. Major General Ram Singh was a man out of contact with harsh tactical and operational realities of war . His understanding of applied tactics and operational strategy was highly confused .Thus he planned a fortress defense plan based on three infantry brigades holding three towns developed as fortresses ie Surat Garh , Ganganagar and Fazilka . Indian Western Command Headquarters was unnerved by Ram Singhs Quixotic plans and pressed on him to hold the area opposite Sulaimanke Headworks and the Sabuna Drain in strength in November 1971 . Ram Singh acted half heartedly and moved one and half battalions out of Fazilka and deployed these in an atrocious manner .His partner in crime against Indian troops was one Brigadier S.S Chowdhry another hopelessly incompetent character. The deployment as described below was a recipe to diasaster and it was disasaster that followed in 3rd December 1971. 3 Assam’s complete defensive plan was a joke with basic accepted infantry tactics. 3 Assam dispersed its three infantry companies to hold three disjointed strong points west of Sabuna while a single infantry company was overstretched to man the entire length of Sabuna Drain from its termination