col Iqtidar shah the GREAT




Colonel Syed Iqtidar Hussain Shah , Artillery ,6TH War Course , 1966, 40 Field Regiment Artillery , left this mortal earth for his heavenly abode on 6th July 2017 evening.I had the great honour of knowing him in October 1990 while he was serving in Armoured Corps Centre Nowshera and I was serving in School of Armour.We instantly developed very close friendship.We were living opposite each other in Gulistan Colony Nowshera Cantonment behind Cantonment Board office.Our friendship continued when he retired in 1995 or so and came to Lahore. A very graceful , talented , upright and outstanding officer he was incarcerated in Attock Fort in the illegitimate usurper regime of General Zia most unjustly and finally honorably acquitted . Although both of us were of the firm conviction that it was legitimate to fight against an illegitimate usuper like Zia.His great and talented son then second lieutenant Syed Ali Ammar, 30th Cavalry was my student in the Tactical leg of Armour basic young officers course in October November 1990.He excelled like his father and is presently a very bright and promising brigadier of Pakistan Army.His brother Major Syed Ibrar Shah is my regimental officer (15 Lancers).His brother in law Major General Syed Roshan Ejaz was commissioned in 15 Lancers , fought 1965 war in 23 Cavalry and 1971 war in 20 Lancers-Changez Force where he excelled as a mobile battle squadron commander. His larger family is in armoured corps and an outstanding branch of genuine syeds who settled in Dhudial. The news of his death was a deep shock to all of us and he would be terribly and sorely missed and we would not be able to ever forget his vibrant and inspiring personality-MAY GOD BLESS THE GREAT SOUL OF COLONEL SYED IQTIDAR HUSSAIN SHAH-Major A.H Amin (r) #pakistanarmy #dhudial #artillery #armouredcorps #iqtidarshah #shah #syed #obituary #6thwarcourse #pma