13 lancers

13 Lancers Leading Tank Squadron commander recollects battle of Bara Pind Paperback – September 21, 2018





by Khwaja M Nasir (Author), Agha H Amin (Author, Illustrator)
The order of march in line ahead was such as could easily be changed into attack formation with three troops up i.e Lieutnant Pervez Aslams troop , Forward Observation officers tank , Rab Nawaz’s troop,Lieutenant Qaisar Nazir Qureshi and Risaldar Mohammad Shafi moving north west at about 2000 to 2500 yards distance from Bara Pind.I saw two tanks south west of Jarpal deployed in the open about 15 to 20 yards apart in the letter V shape.The north west one was facing Marrara Sikandar Pur and the south west tank was facing us.Reportedly our independent squadron was also in the area , therefore observing through open commanders cupola and my binocular , I did my list of IFF and seeing the guns of these two tanks having mid sleeves and pointing towards us ,I concluded these wer enemy Centurion tanks, so I made the wireless transmission “ Contact Out” and instructed my squadron to adjust their tank troop positions by turning quarter right in reverse, relocated myself behind the centre troop of Risaldar Rab Nawaz.
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